• BSed Physical Education

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification


Crossfit has truly changed my life over the past 8 years. I was a truck driver, spending weeks to months away from home, and I figured running was a good way to get in shape. The sedentary lifestyle wasn't healthy and I knew it. So I started running. I set a goal of running my first marathon, to prove that you can do it, even if you are stuck sitting most of the day. I trained when I could, and when the day came for the race, I was ready, or thought I was. Mile 16 came and my knee gave out. I could walk, but running more than 3 steps put me in pain. So, I walked the last ten miles, because I was determined to finish.

After that, I realized the occasional run wasn't going to be enough. I was first introduced to Crossfit through a friend from the Navy, and I was looking for something to help balance my training I had started. I was hooked immediately. I started at TNT during the open in 2016, and saw how incredible the community was from day one. I realized how much there was to learn, not just about fitness, but everything. Diet, exercise, macros: everything was important, and I soon learned how little I knew. Fitness had not just become my hobby, but what I wanted to pursue. So, I went back to school, and in December 2022 I finished my Bachelors in physical education. Now I will have the chance to teach what I did not get a chance to learn.

Honestly, Crossfit and TNT have changed my life. I am always striving to improve, as that is just my competitive nature. I want to beat ME, the old me. But TNT also helped me realize how I can help other people find their own goals, and achieve them. I often told my students while I was student-teaching, the goal isn't to run the mile faster than everyone else, or sink the most baskets. The goal is to find something you enjoy that keeps you active. If you enjoy it, then you'll look forward to doing it, and will keep doing it. And staying active like that is the best way to live a long, healthy life.

Favorite movement:

Clean, Muscle-ups

Least favorite movement:

Thrusters, sled push

Favorite thing about being a fitness professional:

Being able to help people reach their fitness goals and understand the why behind what they are doing.

Favorite hobby outside of fitness:

Spending time with my wife, kids, three dogs and hedgehog. Going to see Broadway plays and going to the symphony.

Personal fitness achievement I'm proud of:

Top 5% in my age group in the open this year. Finishing my first marathon. Deadlifting over 500 pounds.