Regina Fostino


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UOP

  • Master’s degree in Adult Education & Training from UOP

  • Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Training from Humboldt State University

  • CPR Certified

  • 200-hour Yoga Certified

  • CrossFit L1 Online Certified


I'm a mother of two (Serena and SJ) and have lived in the St. Charles, MO area since July 2019. I have worked in Higher Education since I was 19 and earned each of my degrees through my employers. I ran track and played basketball in the high schools I attended and maintained more of the cardio aspect of working out for the majority of my twenties. I was raised to believe that strong muscles on women were unattractive, so I shifted my focus on eating healthy, running my little heart out, and gaining a love for yoga, which combined my love of tranquility and calmness, flexibility, and positive bodily challenges. I loved yoga so much that I earned my 200 hour certification through the Bhakti Shop in Portland, OR. It wasn't until after having SJ that I realized my body wasn't bouncing back as quick as it did after having Serena.

I researched fat burning workouts and began using dumbbells, but no more than 15 pounds each. A friend introduced me to olympic lifting saying it was the best full body workout, so I researched the nearest Oly training to me, TNT pulled up, and I went in specifically for Olympic Lifting. I hadn't ever heard of crossfit until walking through that door, then, like a cute poodle that you fall in love with, you start seeing it everywhere you look. 3 months after starting at TNT I competed in my very first Strengthworks Competition because... why not? Since then I've competed pretty regularly in Oly competitions as well as local crossfit competitions for fun. After a lot of what I've gone through, it's incredibly healing. I feel blessed that crossfit has come pretty natural to me in some ways, and in others it challenges my skills, abilities, and my mental health. It's a beautiful sport that feeds whatever my ego needs that day; to do what I can, to push harder, or to simply move my body. I am forever grateful for what yoga and crossfit have taught me and what I continue to learn from them.

Favorite movement:

Least favorite movement: Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats

Favorite thing about being a fitness professional:

Is to watch the confidence in someone's own abilities develop right before their eyes. I love to practice what I preach, and I'm also very human, so being kind to myself when I choose those lime tortilla chips versus a granola bar one day, or sticking to a steadier pace than going full send is part of living a balanced life that's free of guilt and sharpening skills to learn moderation. When you show up for yourself every day and find your body's new natural rhythm, the scrutiny of nutrition labels and calorie counting goes to the wayside and it becomes more about listening to your body. This is when the love of learning what your body can do floats back to the surface, and you celebrate your body instead of shaming it. No matter your age, gender, size, or genetics, your body is absolutely incredible.

Favorite hobby outside of fitness:

My kids. They're so fun. I enjoy being outside whenever I can; hiking, kayaking, running new trails, paddle boarding, you name it.

Personal fitness achievement I'm proud of:

Since I can remember I'd try to do a pull-up and felt really ashamed that I couldn't. I knew strength wasn't the issue and chalked it up to bad form, or simply incapable of physically pulling myself up, even though I can do many other body weight things without a problem. I'd use the guided machines that your knees go on with some added assistance (similar to banded) to less and less weight to eventually pull yourself up on your own. It wasn't until 8 months after starting crossfit, 5 months of training with Ashley, a few coaches noticing I had a winged scap, and many moments of wanting to clap my chalky hands and be okay with using bands for the rest of my life that I got my first strict pull up. A few weeks later I then started learning kipping and got 8 in a row. Game on. I am proud of myself for finding the desire, becoming brave, making it a goal, putting in the work, fighting my inner demons, and showing up for myself to achieve this. Out of everything I've accomplished, this one has taken the most diligent effort, the longest duration, most tears, and tastes the absolute sweetest.