One-on-one personal training is a great choice for those looking for a specific program tailored to their individual fitness needs and goals with personal attention and the advantage of flexible scheduling. If you have specific goals then you might consider an individualized program. Sometimes you may find you need specific attention to your fitness goals to really breakthrough and see improved results.

Maybe you want specific strength work, dealing with an injury, prefer the 1 on 1 interaction over a group setting or need corrective exercise for your physical uniqueness. Personal training allows you to get personalized attentive care in respect to your personal goals and fitness concerns.

We have members that do personal training only, and some that mix group training with personal training. There is no right or wrong option. We want you to feel comfortable with your workout choices and personal training is a great match for many people.

All of the TNT coaches are available for personal training. They each have their unique characteristics and you can read more about our staff under the staff page at WWW.CROSSFIT-TNT.COM/STAFF

Personal training is available to members as well as non-members of TNT Fitness.

We have the option of 60 minute sessions and 30 minute skill sessions. Sessions can be bought individually or in packages. Sessions bought in a package are offered at a discounted rate. We also offer a Personal Training Duo option, which allows you and a friend/spouse to workout together at a discounted/shared rate. Contact coach for Duo rates.

Our coaches value the time and energy of their personal training athletes and will provide you with the best care. We ask that our Personal Training athletes call their coach 24 hours in advance of their scheduled training session in order to cancel and avoid being charged for the session.

Personal Training Packages:

  • 1h session is $60

  • 3x1h sessions are $175

  • 5x1h sessions are $280

  • 10x1h sessions are $480

  • 20x1h sessions are $900

  • 1x30min session is $32

  • 5x30min sessions are $150

  • 10x30min sessions are $290

  • 20x30min sessions are $560