Schedule a free no sweat intro

How to start at CrossFit TNT?

Step 1: Sit down with a coach for a free 30 minute “No Sweat Intro”.

You will schedule a day and time to come to TNT with one of our coaches and get a tour of the facility, discuss your goals and talk one on one about your unique personal fitness/injury history.  At TNT Fitness, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach to fitness because your goals and needs are different just like all our members are as well. During the “No Sweat Intro” your coach will tell a brief history about TNT and explain to you all of the program choices. This way your personal coaches can help lead you in the best direction for your fitness goals.

We have a lot of options available for you:  

  • Personal training - 30 minutes or 60 minute sessions

  • CrossFit group class - 60 minutes

  • Swift Boot Camp group class - 30 minutes

  • Olympic weight lifting - 60 minutes

  • Nutrition consultations

To schedule your 30 minute “No Sweat Intro” email
 or call 636-328-3701 

Step 2: Personal Training.
Once you finished your free “No Sweat Intro” your coach will be able to prescribe the best route for you. All new members start by going through personal training sessions until you have demonstrated the ability to perform our foundational movements safely.

We have a list of our most common movements that each trainee need to show proficiency in before increasing the intensity.  

On average a new member will need anywhere between 3-5 hours of personal training to join our CrossFit group class. This is based on each individual and some might need 5 hours or more. 

We have movements that you will have to safely perform in order to join CrossFit classes. You and your personal coach will go through this on-boarding process from start to finish together. 

Please note that our Swift classes do not use any heavy barbell lifting, therefore; it is not required to do personal training before joining. Though it is always an option if requested. 


Why can’t I join CrossFit right away?
In our CrossFit group class we do a wide variety of lifting and bodyweight movements. Being proficient in these is vital to ensure that our training environment is safe. We lift weight overhead, we drop barbells (safely) and we go upside down. Our one on one personal training will bring you up to speed in proper body weight movements and lifting. It is vital to longevity and this is non negotiable. 

Why is the personal training more expensive than the group classes?
 Personal training gives you the attention that’s needed at the beginning stages. One on one training with a full time fitness coach has a premium and it’s 100% worth it because you will get serious results with personal attention to detail.

How do you know when a client is ready to join the group class?
We have a set list of movements that each person needs to be proficient in before joining the group. The coaches will give you feedback on how you are progressing and how many sessions it will take. This is very dependent on the athlete’s ability.

 I’ve done the no sweat intro but I still want to try a workout before committing to personal training, what do I do?
We do on some occasions offer free workouts such as ‘Bring A Friend Day’s’ that you can participate in. We also have a 30min class offering called Swift where you can take your first class for free. This class does not involve any barbell lifting which is why you can try one without going through personal training first.