Athlete of the Month - Tom Lehmen


When I entered my 40’s a few short, short…short years ago I was unfortunately starting to feel my age. It’s no fun waking up and feeling a new part of my body be sore for absolutely no reason. Seriously, how do you pull a muscle sleeping? That and the growing fear of some family genetics catching me later in life pushed me to start working out at another CrossFit gym some years ago.

At some point after some changes at that gym and other small life changes I stopped working out for a period of time until those nagging ache’s returned. Then, on a whim one day I passed TNT and just decided to stop in and see if it could be a place I could get back into a routine. I met Courtney that first time in the door and found out the 5 am class was available and joined immediately. Best move I’ve made in years.

Now I’m not trying to beat Father Time, just hoping to give him a fair run for the money. Sometimes it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning, but after my hour at the gym I always feel energized, both mentally and physically, and ready to start my day.
And have you met my wife? She’s a ball of energy from the start of the day to the last minute of the evening. I need to keep in peak physical condition to be the arm candy that she deserves.

Thank you, TNT staff for choosing me this month. I appreciate it today and everyday. The environment here, the friends in the morning that push me, and the box life overall is vital to my everyday happiness and wellbeing.