Athlete of the Month - The Brigmans


Jeff here, one of TNT Athletes of the month! That’s not something you would have heard in our household fifteen months ago! Dawn was the catalyst; she came down the stairs one day and out of the blue told me that she was going to the gym. Where? I asked. TNT down the street she replied. The Cross Fit gym, I said puzzled, yes, it’s a thirty-minute bootcamp called SWIFT. I said have fun…thirty-five minutes later Dawn came crashing through the front door and fell to the ground in a splash of sweat and tears. That sucked, she said and included a few other choice words not fit for print. I told her she just needed to get back into the swing of working out and that it couldn’t be that bad. This continued the following week she would crash through the door collapse on the floor, trying to catch a breath so she could spit out the choice words of the day. I told Dawn this is ridiculous, it’s only thirty minutes. Dawn looked at me stone cold and said, well, you know that you could try three classes for free if you want. My wife had called me out and now I had no choice but to show her how I would knock this bootcamp out! So, I went to my first SWIFT class and then came home and fell on the floor and said a few words myself and did something a little different then Dawn…tried not to puke. I went to two more classes and became increasingly frustrated with my lack of ability and how difficult I found the workouts and came to quickly realize that…I’m totally out of shape, how did this happen? Well, it happened by making excuses. So, Dawn and I decided Today Not Tomorrow, we joined TNT realizing that we needed to be better for ourselves and for our family. I won’t lie, it’s hard work but at TNT we have incredible coaches, all willing to keep you motivated, set attainable goals, and provide great WODs. Also included is an unbelievable amount of positivity and encouragement. This mindset and commitment are also reflected in all the athletes at TNT who consistently show up ready to crush it. Shout Out to the 6:00 am Rise & Grind Swifters!!

Callan and Beckett started to notice and asked if they could work-out like Dad and Mom, so they jumped into CrossFit kids with Coach Oscar and Coach Ashley and then quickly converted our basement playroom into a mini gym. They purchased dumbbells with their own money and asked for a kettle bell for Christmas! They also attempted to use a plastic tote for box jumps resulting in disaster. They are currently competing against each other for the title of best six pack…and constantly asking if anyone wants a ticket to the gun show! Dawn and l are always looking to surround them with positive role models and Oscar and Ashley are just that. The boys look forward to Thursday nights for cross fit kids and we usually talk about who had the toughest work out Cal & Beck or Dad & Mom! CrossFit kids allow them to learn functional movement and strength & conditioning in a fun environment. This helps them with their other athletic endeavors which include playing rugby, basketball, and skateboarding.

Dawn has struggled with her foot surgery that was supposed to be a one-month recovery. The doctor explained that with removing 70% of her bone that a one-month recovery is more like a one-year recovery and gave her a strict set of guidelines to follow. To say her already fractured confidence was crushed was an understatement. However, thanks to Coach Ashley, Dawn is slowly but surely getting strength and balance back. She comes home after every appointment with Ashley commenting on how helpful her workouts have been.

Thank you, TNT community, for being the greatest positive choice for our family!