Athlete of the Month - Renee Burkart


Many years ago I came to TNT to get weighed and measured for a Lurong Challenge. I was going to wait around for Mike, Sammi and Sarah to finish their workouts, when Oscar convinced me to try the half hour workout. To my surprise, I didn’t trip and the rowing didn’t kill me.

I have been going to TNT for a few years now, working out at a Swift class 2-3 times a week with a couple of stretches out to heal a few injuries. Two years ago I started with Courtney on Habits. It was a great two years learning about the importance of protein, eating a rainbow of fruits/veggies as well as keeping hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. All of this helped me get through 2023. That was when it was determined I had to have both of my knees replaced.

4 months after knee replacement surgery #2, a 4000m bike ride feels pretty darn good and that was only part of the workout for the Fit30 class that night. I’ve tried the YogaFit classes and the LowFit classes, which all helped build my mobility, strength and cardio back. Accessory work with Courtney while my knees were healing kept my upper body and core strong as well. And through it all the community at TNT have been awesome.

I’m still working to keep from tripping…

- Renee