Athlete of the Month - Regina Fostino


I am incredibly honored to be nominated as athlete of the month for TNT. It’s very humbling to try to see yourself as others see you. I have only been a member since June 13th. I had my regular 2 hour gym routine 3-4 days a week but just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and wanted to take my fitness to the next level. So, I called the number, spoke with Oscar, signed up for my first class, and the rest is history.

I came in with a good set of lungs on me from my love of running, but realized real quick I had a lot of skills to learn, especially gymnast ones. So I began attending the 6am class and immediately fell in love with the people there. (My kids are the real MVP for waking up with me at 5:30 each morning to do this).
I received such encouragement and support from my training partners and coaches that I competed in 3 local competitions (1 cf and 2 Oly) since Sept ‘22 and am signed up for two competitions this April ‘23! I completed my very first CF Open finishing 82% in women worldwide (wwhaatttttt?!)

I can’t explain enough how crossfit and this community has changed my life for the better. It has been a huge influencer in helping me heal and grow my confidence, my strength, my discipline, my consistency, and dedication to my mental, emotional and physical health.

For 35 years I couldn’t do a single pull up from dead hang because of a winged scap issue, and that could’ve been my story. I could’ve succumbed to the fact that my body wouldn’t allow me to do something easily and naturally, therefore that must mean that’s where I stay. Well anyone who truly knows me knows I tremendously dislike complacency so I chose to re-write the ending to that chapter, and it wasn’t easy and it was full of tears, but I did it.

You have that same power. TNT provides all the tools needed to better your life, as long as you do the work. As my kids will tell you the motto in our house is, “Do the work to get the reward”, and training at TNT with its coaches, nutrition, programming and more has allowed me to reap so many rewards.

Thank you to you all! 💜