Athlete of the Month - Leah Almstedt


I am honored and grateful to be February’s AOTM at TNT. My parents and I joined the gym in July 2022
looking for a more competitive environment and we definitely got it. Since joining, I have competed in
two Crossfit competitions, a Rogue challenge, and an Olympic weightlifting competition. My
favorite class is the Wednesday weightlifting/dance class. Not only do I get to lift weights, but I also get
to do it with my friends, which makes it even more fun. That class is definitely the highlight of my week.
As someone who didn’t have many friends growing up, it’s been really cool to have found a great friend
group here that genuinely cares and makes me feel like I belong. It is something I have needed and since
joining TNT, I have noticed my confidence has increased up and I am genuinely happier. We goof around
many times during workouts, but we also push and support each other throughout. I will never forget
Brooke dragging both my sandbag and me across the finish line when I was dying completing that
sandbag workout.

The biggest things that have stood out for me since joining TNT is both the community and its great
coaches. For example, I was blown away by the number of people who came out to cheer all of us on at
last weekend’s weightlifting competition, many who stayed to the end. As someone who grew up
playing all team sports (soccer/softball), I think it is important to have that community support. I know
hearing that cheering during my lifts had a positive impact on my performance, and while that might
sound like a small thing, it really made a difference. Second, I cannot say enough great things about the
coaches. They are all incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to Crossfit, weightlifting, and nutrition,
and I think that goes a long way. Already in the short time we have been here, I know the coaches have
helped me make huge improvements in both my Crossfit and weightlifting. They also have no problem
pushing me when necessary, like when Courtney keeps making me add more weight to my bar when I
do not always want to.

As a whole, I think joining TNT has made me a better person. I am more confident, stronger, and
happier. TNT has been more than just Crossfit for me, as it has given me a supportive and encouraging
community, an escape after a long work and school day. I can honestly say TNT is my favorite place to go
each day, and I am grateful to be a member here.