Athlete of the Month - Lauren Park


Wow! This is so exciting for a Crossfit junkie like me. I first began my Crossfit obsession in Fall 2015 after plantar fasciitis rendered my running career impossible to keep up with anymore. I joined Iron Wolf Crossfit in Columbia at the encouragement of my roommate and the rest is history. It was there that I made the most wonderful friends and developed lifelong relationships (including meeting my husband, Taylor 😊). After finishing my PhD at Mizzou, Taylor and I moved to St. Charles so that I could continue with a fellowship at WashU. We are beyond lucky to have found the most incredible gym in TNT just up the street from our house in New Town. What a wonderful community to have so close by 😊 We truly love it here- from the coaches to the workouts, and most importantly: the community. I owe you all a huge thank you for encouraging me to stay fit throughout my recent pregnancy and postpartum journey. The Park family (especially baby Finn) thank you all!