Athlete of the Month - Katlin Gray


“ I am so honored (& very humbled) to be nominated athlete of the month for TNT. So thank y’all so much.

I started my CrossFit journey in 2015. I just moved 4 hours away to a new state; new school; new life. All I had ever known for fitness/exercise was running & keeper drills. When I joined my first CrossFit gym, I was so scared, but looking back, I am so happy I did. This sport gave me confidence, patience, humility, & strength.

Fast forward to July of 2020 when COVID was at its peak, I moved to Saint Louis from Cape Girardeau, MO & found TNT!!

I have never met a more encouraging & friendly group of people. I still, to this day, remember my first day dropping into the 9AM. Trevor waved at me like he had met me before. I will never forget how that made me feel, especially after moving to a city where I once again knew no one.

I look forward to coming to the gym every day, even on days when I probably look like I am angry 🤣. CrossFit has always been a place where I can be undeniably myself. I can make mistakes & have PHENOMENAL coaches to help me navigate mistakes/challenges. I am surrounded by people who want to be the best they can be & push me to do the same. I could not have asked to be a part of a better gym. You are all so great!!! ”