Athlete of the Month - Dana Scott


Receiving the news that the coaches selected me for March AOTM completely overwhelmed me, touching not just my mind but my heart. I found myself sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face, unable to enter the gym immediately. These past two years of my fitness journey have been filled with unexpected twists and turns, from navigating through rotator cuff and bicep surgeries and dealing with a hamstring tear even before delving into CrossFit, with life's trial losing my dad last year and my mother's current battle for survival out of nowhere.

Back in 2005, I underwent thyroid surgery due to a large Goiter pressing against my trachea. The medications triggered a significant weight gain in a month, from 145 lbs. to 175 lbs. This placed me in a hypothyroidism. Despite my active participation in sports and a relatively healthy diet, health complications plagued me, leading to frequent hospital visits for iron deficiency, kidney stones, high and low blood pressure, and nutritional deficiencies.

My turning point was in 2010, following another thyroid surgery. My oldest daughter, then just 16, had to assist me. I realized that no child should bear the burden of caring for their parent due to preventable reasons. At 264 lbs.! I set a goal to join the gym, aiming to lose 10 lbs., but ended up surpassing my expectations by losing 28 lbs.

I embraced various fitness avenues, from boxing and kickboxing classes to anything off Groupon. My friend invited me to join this one-night fun group class on her Bday at a boxing gym. I signed up for a 6-week training program focusing on a nutrition program, strength and mobility group classes, and personal training, and they specialized in bodybuilding competitions. I saw significant progress, shedding 12 lbs and 4% body fat. My friend, who owns a CrossFit gym, contacted me to try it. There's something about Aerosmith in the background and a Power Snatch Lol! 2024, I'm still here.

In 2021, I set a goal to complete one 5k per month, not for time but accountability, with family and friends, people on my job, and within the community. Despite setbacks, such as surgeries in 2022 and subsequent physical therapy, my determination remains the same. Following my Ortho's recommendation, no CrossFit just yet; try this place called TNT and sign up for a Swift class someone else mentioned to him. Oscar's prompt response in answering all my questions and concerns eased my nerves coming to a new place. I signed up, and Oscar asked me what I thought of it after my third Swift class. I told him I wanted to join. Recognizing the need for additional support with strength and mobility, I switched physical therapists and signed up for accessory work with Courtney, whose patience and dedication have been exceptional. The goal is to keep moving and keep that Mustard Seed Faith.! When I travel the world, my jump rope is the first thing I pack in my suitcase. I ensure the hotel I’m staying at has a decent gym to complete my workouts.

The TNT community has embraced me with open arms. The support, encouragement, and adaptability of the coaches and everyone have been unparalleled. I love our after-class walks and talks.

TNT has become my family, my home. Thank you, TNT, for embracing me on this journey toward health and vitality.