Athlete of the Month - Claire Zwick


I am so excited to be June’s AOTM! Looking back on the other athletes reflections I noticed a common theme; going back to the first time they walked into TNT. So this is my story.

I started coming to tnt almost 3 years ago before I started 8th grade. I decided to start going to a gym because I wanted to stay active after I had quit volleyball. My mom signed me up for training with Oscar (thanks for not giving up on me lol) and I did training with him for about 8 months. I remember walking into tnt and seeing the cross-fit classes that were going on. I would always think to myself that the people who did cross-fit were so cool and I wanted to be like them. I thought for the longest time that I’d never be able to do a cross-fit class like they were doing. That became one of my goals at TNT. I finally achieved that goal of mine in November of 2023.

After about 6 months of training with Oscar, I decided to start attending olympic lifting on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Around that time I had really been struggling with my confidence and school was really hard for me. I remember the one thing I’d look foreword to was going to tnt every night. As the weeks and months went by, I noticed my confidence started to grow, along with my overall happiness.

I started competing in olympic lifting in April of last year. Since then, I have competed 4 times. At my most recent competition, i had 2 overall PRs on both my snatch and clean and jerk. A goal of mine since i started lifting was to snatch 100 lbs. During my last competition, I achieved that goal along with a PR clean and jerk of 120 lbs.

Thank you to everyone: coaches Darin, Oscar, Courtney, and Ashley; along with all the athletes who have been with me and believed in me since day one. I am so honored to be June’s athlete of the month. A huge thank you to the TNT community, you guys are the best and I wouldn’t be who I am without you guys.