Athlete of the Month - Amy Adams


Although typically an even-keeled person, that was not the case when taking a trip down memory lane and reflecting on my time as a TNT member, as I became surprisingly emotional. During the past two years I have been…

Scared of walking through the TNT doors for the first time and even more scared that I would find an excuse to not come back for a second time

Angry for allowing myself to be inactive for 25 years and starting over on my health and fitness journey at age 50

Unsure of how I would keep off the weight I lost and improve my overall health

Amazed at the dedication and abilities of members who perform movements with grace and skill

Winded after my first “workout” that consisted of breathing exercises and a leisurely stroll to the driveway

Dedicated to completing one pull-up one day

Wishful that the cones are out for someone else’s workout

Hopeful for finding a fast pair of sneakers (although I’m starting to think it is not the shoes that make me slow)

Thankful for Courtney’s patience and that she has not fired me

Most importantly, I am sincerely appreciative for the opportunity to be part of an awesome group who is welcoming and supportive. Although I am not the strongest, nor the most flexible, and definitely not the fastest, I always feel a sense of belonging and success for walking through the TNT doors and trying my best each workout. Thank you for the continuous and unwavering support on my fitness adventure. If you ever wonder if you are making a positive difference in someone’s life, I can tell you that you are – keep up the good work!